18 February 2021

Severin Films Podcast, episode 8


From the Severin Films Podcast page: 

"The worrisome warlocks and witches at Severin HQ have been stirring the cauldron to unearth this rare assortment of Christopher Lee blu-ray debuts in the EUROCRYPT OF CHRISTOPHER LEE collection. 

Seething with US debuts and a previously never-before-seen series hosted by Christopher Lee, this box set is sure to please every horror fan. An unbe-LEE-vable lineup of films like CHALLENGE THE DEVIL, CRYPT OF THE VAMPIRE and CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD to name a few! Join the triumphant trio of David, Zach and Andrew break down the set disc-by-disc and fill your weekend with g-LEE. Don't forget to stick around for DJ Alfonso's LEE-vil playlist in Rendezvous After Hours!"