19 October 2011

Sounds Of RENDEZVOUS! Vol. 01

For the month of October, I am experimenting with a different music platform. This is NOT a mix, but merely a collection of eight tunes that I entitled, 'Sounds Of RENDEZVOUS! Vol. 01'. Let me know what you think. (BTW, 8tracks has a nifty app you can download for your iPhone!)

13 October 2011

'Tutti I Colori Del Fumo' - Finders Keepers Podcast (Autumn 2011)

Here is a mix I recorded exclusively for my friends at Finders Keepers. This mix consists mostly of French and Italian library and soundtrack recordings. It also includes dialogue from 'La Bestia Nello Spazio' (dir. Alfonso Brescia, Italy 1980) and 'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' (dir. Luis Buñuel, France 1972). The artwork and title are by Andy Votel. I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to Doug Shipton, Andy Votel, the B-Music family, and all at Finders Keepers. You guys are awesome!

'Bollywood Bloodbath' Now On Sale on the Finders Keepers Website!

The moment we've all been waiting for, AND just in time for Halloween!! Get it here!

(from Finders Keepers website)
"Pre-Vamped vintage Hindi horror from the Desi-Dracula Music Cabinet. One of Finders Keepers' most exquisite, exhumed, ectoplasmic, and existentially essential collections yet. Featuring Bappi Lahiri, R.D Burman, Sonik Omi, Sapan Jogmohan and Laxmikant Pyarelal."

09 October 2011

Jean Rollin Versus The Kramford Look

Exerpt from the film 'Lips of Blood' ('Levres De Sang') by Jean Rollin, with music by The Kramford Look ('Magic Plastic Home').

07 October 2011

The Kramford Look - 1970

New album by an amazing London-based duo known as The Kramford Look. I first found out about these cats through Jonny Trunk's OST radio show, then I find out we have mutual friends! Very cool library sounding album with 'April Orchestra' (April Music Library) styled artwork. Buy it here!