14 December 2020

Severin Films Podcast, episode 5


From the Severin Films Podcast page:

"This month the malicious mavens at Severin break into the upcoming March releases. Before getting into the titles they explain why they're announcing March ahead of February and all the exiting things happening this coming year. Afterwards, talking about the FOUR films all making US blu-ray debuts - A SCREAM IN THE STREETS, NOSFERATU IN VENICE, DAY OF THE BEAST, and PERDITA DURANGO. The latter of the four making their worldwide debut on 4K UHD! 

DJ Alfonso is BACK hosting another great segment of Rendezvous After Hours inspired by the Severin TERRIFYING titles."

08 December 2020

Mark of the Devil OST

Cassette release of ‘Mark of the Devil’ parts 1 & 2. I feature the main title (Liebesthema) on episode 4 (Black Friday, part 2) in my Rendezvous After-Hours segment in the Severin Films Podcast. Click here to have a listen! 

29 November 2020

Severin Films Podcast, episode 4 (Black Friday part 2)

From the Severin Films podcast page:

"This is part TWO of the Black Friday episodes with your favorite diabolical disc distributors. In this episode, the Severin team goes over the remaining titles on their Black Friday line-up and break the exclusive on the last remaining title. In addition they have extended interview with director of COMBAT SHOCK and NO WAY HOME Buddy Giovinazo, Director of THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE and HARDWARE Richard Stanley, and much much more!"

20 November 2020

Severin Films Podcast, episode 3 (Black Friday part 1)

Tune in to this episode (part 1 of 2) of the Severin Films Podcast to get the lowdown their upcoming Severin Films Black Friday releases! And don't turn that dial as yours truly returns with another episode of Rendezvous After-Hours!

From the Severin Films podcast page: 

"This is part one of TWO Black Friday episodes with your favorite diabolical disc distributors. In this episode, the Severin team go in depth on the theme of this month's announcements being a little... BIZARRE. 

In typical Black Friday fashion we are going above and beyond to make this episode special. In addition to our normal disc breakdown we've invited guests related to the films being released! In this episode we speak with: Director of Photography and one of the directors on THEATRE BIZARRE Karim Hussain, Director of FAMILY PORTRAITS Douglas Buck, Director of THE ATTIC EXPEDITIONS Jeremy Kasten, and co-producer of TALES OF THE UNCANNY Kier-la Janisse! 

The next episode comes out this coming Monday and will have more guests and a few other surprises!"

Death Walks on Nitrate (2020) Soundtrack Release!

DEATH WALKS ON NITRATE - The Soundtrack To The Film Announcement from Kevin Fermini on Vimeo.

When Dream Division's (and Library of the Occult label head) Tom McDowell approached me about writing the OBI notes for an upcoming Library of the Occult release, I accepted without hesitation. I've been a fan of the label since the get-go. The label has such a cool aesthetic, the music is first rate, and the logo and video bumper are amazing! Upon viewing filmmaker Kevin Fermini's short film, I was immediately hooked! 'Death Walks on Nitrate' is a beautiful homage to the work of Argento, Bava, and Ercoli (note the title nod to Luciano Ercoli's early 70s gialli, 'Death Walks on High Heels' and 'Death Walks At Midnight'). And at just under 8 minutes long, it's perfect for those of us with short attention spans. Shot on both Super 8 and digital cameras, 'Death Walks On Nitrate' was selected for this year's FrightFest UK's Short Film showcase and is currently making the worldwide festival rounds. Follow their page on Facebook for all the latest updates.

Now on to the soundtrack. Close friends of mine know how I feel about most modern synth music, but I'll save that opinion for another discussion. On the other hand, his new Dream Division score caught me completely off guard...in a good way! The music has a totally organic sound and features fuzz guitar, jazzy drums and percussion, killer organ work - all working together to create beautiful, yet haunting, avant-garde themes. The music is a perfect compliment to Fermini's psychedelic Technicolor film. With sounds reminiscent of Goblin (with its Suspiria-like vocals) and of one of my all-time favorite composers, Bruno Nicolai, this release is a must-have for fans of 70s giallo soundtracks and Italian library music. The record includes themes and incidental cues, as well as unused tracks from the film. 

Tracks include:

1. Death Walks - Parts 1 & 2
2. Red Room
3. Strange Developments
4. Hypnotic Interlude 1
5. Death Suite
6. Nitrate
7. Hypnotic Interlude 2

This release is limited to 150 copies and will go on sale December 4th at Mondo and the Library of the Occult Bandcamp page. A limited number of cassettes will be available as well. As you know, these Library of the Occult releases typically sell out extremely quickly, so be sure to set your alarms!

12 November 2020

DJ Alfonso's German Horror Broadcast for Cinematic Void - 12 November 2020

Presented here for your listening pleasure is an hour long German horror mix by DJ Alfonso. This mix was broadcast on the FM dial at the Mission Tiki Drive-In for the American Cinematheque, Goethe Institut LA, and Cinematic Void's double-feature presentation of Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU, THE VAMPYRE and Ulli Lommel's TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES on 12 November 2020. The mix features music by German composers, music from German film productions, radio spots, trailers, and other themed selections. 


1. The Night the Screaming Stops – Possession OST 
2. Love in the Shadow – Bloody Moon OST 
3. Mark of the Devil - radio spot 
4. Liebesthema – Mark of the Devil OST 
5. Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht (Count Dracula) - trailer 
6. Processo – Count Dracula OST 
7. Visionario – Count Dracula OST 
8. Horror – Sex – Show (Side B) – Horror Charly 
9. Dr. Caligaris Gruselkabinet – Vampires of Dartmoore 
10. Crime and Horror – Vampires of Dartmoore 
11. Der Hexer (The Evil Magician) – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra 
12. The Sinister Monk (Der Unheimliche Moenk) – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra 
13. Ghosts or Good and Bad Onions – Vampires’ Sound Incorporation 
14. The Lions and the Cucumber – Vampires’ Sound Incorporation 
15. Vampyros Lesbos - German trailer 
16. People’s Playground (Soledad Dub) – Witchman 
17. Monster on Saturn – Science Fiction Dance Party 
18. Valerie, Ilona et Stefaan – Daughters of Darkness OST 
19. Nosferatu, the Vampyre - trailer 
20. Zwiesprache Der Rohrfloete Mit Der Saengerin – Popol Vuh 
21. On the Way – Popol Vuh 
22. Action and Suspense – Klaus Weiss

10 November 2020

Buon compleanno Maestro Morricone!

Celebrating Ennio Morricone: - THE SECRETS BEHIND HIS GENIUS

Check out this amazing 25 minute documentary short released in conjunction with the Maestro's first posthumous release: 'Morricone Segreto'

The album features 27 tracks, which includes seven that were previously unreleased! The cues featured in this documentary include:

• 0.00 - 2.40 Per Dalila - From "Il bandito dagli occhi azzurri" 
• Eat It - Versione singolo - From "Eat It" 
• Tema No. 5 - From "Il clan dei Siciliani" 
• Tette e antenne, tetti e gonne - From "La smagliatura" with Edda Dell'Orso 
• Fondati timori - From "La smagliatura" 
• Beat per quattro ruote - From "L'Automobile" 
• 18 Pari - From "Un uomo da rispettare" 
• Non può essere vero - From "Mio caro assassino" 
• René la Canne - From "René la Canne" 
• Patrizia - From "Incontro" 
• Macchie solari (Versione singolo) - From "Macchie solari" with I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni

A documentary by Ruggero Longoni and Four Flies Records' own Pierpaolo De Sanctis!

Available on both CD and LP here!

30 October 2020

Mas alla del terror (1980) - Blu-ray Pre-Order at Cauldron Films!


Presenting the promotional trailer for Cauldron Films' upcoming blu-ray release of Tomas Aznar's 'Mas all del terror'! I had the pleasure of remastering the soundtrack for this release (NOT the sound on the film itself, but rather the original soundtrack as featured on the image gallery). The soundtrack was originally released on the Spanish Belter label in 1980, and features cues that were pulled from Jean-Pierre Decerf's 'Reincarnation' library LP on the French library label, Pema Music. 

Features include: 

  • Commentary by Film historian Kat Ellinger 
  • Image gallery with soundtrack 
  • Spanish audio 
  • English subtitles 
  • 4K restoration from the original negative 
  • Mini press book reproduction booklet including writings about the film by Scott Carlson (limited edition only) 
  • Double sided mini lobby card reproductions (limited edition only) 
  • High quality side loaded slipcase (limited edition only) 
  • Reverse Blu-ray wrap featuring the original Spanish title and poster art 
  • Limited to 1800 copies

This limited edition version will sell out quickly, so order your copy today!

28 October 2020

Special Guest Appearance on Radio Nova 106 FM


This past week, I had the distinct honor of being asked to contribute a special Halloween mix for my dear friend George Loukas' radio show on Radio Nova 106 FM. Included on this mix is a smorgasbord of spooky selections for the Halloween season. Enjoy!

From the Mixcloud description:

"Weekly Greek (Volos) Radio Show "And now for something completely different" hosted by Gio & Gus Ar @ Nova Fm 106MHz, www.novafm106.gr, every Monday 21.00-23.00! We are back to the radio broadcasts and we have a Special Guest Mix Session! On the 32nd GMS, we host DJ Alfonso for a top Halloween themed selection."

27 October 2020

Screen Drafts Podcast - Video Nasties with Jim Branscome & DJ Alfonso

I had a great time discussing the DPP's list of prosecuted "video nasties" on the latest episode of Screen Drafts with Cinematic Void's Jim Branscome. Tune in to hear which of the 39 titles made it to our top 7!

26 October 2020

Trailer for Buio Mondo's 'La dama del fantaterror' OST & Assassinio in 7 pollici CD


Here's a trailer I recorded for Buio Mondo's latest releases - a lathe cut 45 soundtrack to 'La dama del fantaterror' - a documentary short on German-born actress, Helga Line (which premiered at the Sitges Film Festival), and a CD compilation featuring a collection of Buio Mondo's 45 releases, including 'La dama...' Look for them at Buio Mondo's Bandcamp page!

22 October 2020

DJ Alfonso's Spanish Horror Broadcast for Cinematic Void - 22 October 2020


Presented here for your listening pleasure is an hour long Spanish horror mix by DJ Alfonso. This mix was broadcast on 100.5 FM at the Mission Tiki Drive-In for the American Cinematheque's double-feature presentation of Alex de la Iglesia's EL DIA DE LA BESTIA and PERDITA DURANGO. The mix features music by Spanish composers, music from Spanish film productions, radio spots, trailers, and other themed selections.

1.  Alfonso Santisteban - El asesino de las muñecas (Black & Blue) 
2.  Francisco Andrada - Mas alla del terror
3.  Giuliano Sorgini - John Dalton Street (from No profanar el sueno de los muertos)
4.  F. G. Morcillo - El monte de los brujos
5.  La novia ensangrentada (trailer)
6.  C. Savina - Malenka
7.  Blues Eyes of the Broken Doll (trailer)
8.  F.G.. Morcillo - La noche de los brujos
9.  Cannibal Man (main theme)
10. C. Tallino - The Beginning
11. A.G. Abril - La noche de Walpurgis
12. Alfonso Santisteban - Noche de Marbella
13. Whirlpool (trailer)
14. S. Cipriani - Whirlpool
15. L. Onetti - Abrakadabra
16. L. Onetti - Fuga dal cemetero
17. Night of the Howling Beast (trailer)
18. Alfonso Santisteban - La fuga
19. Alfonso Santisteban - Necrophagus (Seq. 12)
20. Pieces (radio spot)
21. C. Cordio - Rosso sangue
22. Crypt of the Living Dead (radio spot)
23. P. Lambro - Introduction & Hannah's Atmosphere
24. P. Lambro - The Mob, The Wildman and Chase
25. F.G. Morcillo - Frankenstein
26. F.G. Morcillo - Bluebeard
27. House of Psychotic Women (radio spot)
28. C. Savina - Finale
29. L. Onetti - Francesca (Seq. 13)

Mexican Horror Mix for Miskatonic Institute

Here is my pre-lecture mix I created for the Miskatonic Institute's event, The Morbido Crypt's Guide to Mexican Fantasy and Horror Cinema, presented by Morbido Fest's (Mexico City) head programmer, Abraham Castillo Flores. While most of the cues and sound bites on this mix are sourced from Mexican horror films and soundtracks, it also contains a few French and Italian library and soundtrack scores.
To stay updated on future events, be sure to follow:

20 October 2020

Severin Films Podcast

Presenting episode 2 of the Severin Films Podcast. The second half of each podcast features a bonus program that I host called Rendezvous After-Hours. The program features music from, and inspired by, Severin releases - past, present, and future.