27 March 2018


Next month on Friday the 13th of April, we (RENDEZVOUS) will be screening Jess Franco's THE SADIST OF NOTRE DAME (also known as L'eventreur de Notre-Dame, Demoniac, Sexorcismes, etc.) at the Hyperion Tavern is Silverlake. Severin Films have restored the film to beautiful blu-ray specs and have included loads of special features. Above is a pic of the Wizard Video big box VHS of DEMONIAC. Join us on the 13th for a FREE screening!

23 March 2018

The Music Cabinet is Now Open!!

Hey friends... So sorry for the LONG absence. I've neglected my blog here for quite a while (a little over a year!), but the good news is I'm back!! In case you haven't heard, I am working with the good folks at The Damn Fine Network and have created a monthly podcast called The Music Cabinet (named after this blog, of course). Below are my first five episodes beginning with the most recent one. Hope you enjoy!