12 December 2012

RENDEZVOUS! on Viva Radio!

On Friday, 23 November, RENDEZVOUS! DJs Alfonso and George Ben Sun broadcasted an hour-long mix of French and Italian library and soundtrack selections on Brooklyn-based Viva Radio. In case you didn't hear it at your local American Apparel store while shopping on Black Friday, the fine folks at Viva have since archived our episode and is available for streaming on their blog here.

 Pursuit (Katadioksh) – George Hatzinasios
 That’s Nice – Alan Moorehouse
 Martinica Feeling – Stelvio Cipriani
 Tropical – Nino Nardini
 La Prima Iscita – Piero Umiliani
 Dance On – Ennio Morricone
 Pubblica Informazione – Alessandro Alessandroni
 Albert e L’Uomo Nero – Franco Micalizzi
 Rhythm & Rock – Johnny Hawksworth
 Sun Goddess – Keith Mansfield
 Escape – Paolo Vasile
 Wildspot – The Advisory Circle
 Tenebre – Simonetti, Morante, & Pignatelli
 Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Dialogue from the film ‘Slogan’
 Electronic Dimensions – Generation Match
 Sixth Dimension – Stefano Torossi
 Funky Express – Duncan Lamont
 Underworld – Franco Bixio
 Astaroth – Stelvio Cipriani
 Una Corsa Verso La Verita – Franco Micalizzi
 Mister Cool – R. Morcombe
 Two Partners – Jean Pierre Pouret
 Sex Radio – Serge Gainsbourg

04 November 2012

'Berberian Sound Studio' Original Soundtrack

(from the Warp Records website...) 
Warp Records has announced the release of Broadcast's original soundtrack to 'Berberian Sound Studio' - Peter Strickland’s brilliant homage to 1970s Italian horror. The film's integral soundtrack was composed by Broadcast before Trish Keenan's untimely passing last year.
Watch the film trailer and stream a track 'The Equestrian Vortex' below. 'The Equestrian Vortex' is the title sequence from the film of the same name, within the Berberian film (see the synopsis below if that's, naturally, very confusing).
Synopsis: "It’s 1976 and timid, Dorking-based sound engineer, Gilderoy, has been transplanted to Italy’s run-down Berberian Sound Studio to work on “The Equestrian Vortex”, the latest low-budget horror movie by notorious exploitation maestro Giancarlo Santini.  Gilderoy’s task is a seemingly simple one: to create, record and mix the sounds of bloodcurdling screams, limbs being severed and the insertion of red hot pokers into human orifices, mostly using a variety of everyday household items such as old vegetables and a hammer".
The Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack by Broadcast will be released January 7th 2012 (January 8th in N. America) on CD, Vinyl, and download.
The CD and LP are now available for pre-order at Boomkat!

Stream 'The Equestrian Vortex' (taken from the OST)

Initially conceived as the soundtrack to The Equestrian Vortex, the film-within-a-film around which Berberian Sound Studio unfolds, this collection of compositions would eventually spill outwards to encapsulate the entire world Strickland creates in the film. On it’s own, the music sets a sinister and atmospheric tone that still exists well within Broadcast’s sonic universe.

The film’s plot, which involves a British sound recordist’s slowly degenerating mental state while working in an Italian film studio, has clearly been one driving force behind the music as has the work of pioneering Italian composers such as Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai. Working closely with Strickland as well as the film’s supervising sound editor Joakim Sundstrom, Cargill wove in sound effects, screams and snatches of dialogue in order to bring elements of the film back into the soundtrack. The outcome is the rare piece of film music that not only enhances the visual, but exists on it’s own as an independent work, and one that is an invaluable edition to Broadcast’s inimitable history.

Broadcast - Berberian Sound Studio

WARPCD233 - Out on January 7th/8th


01 A Breeze Through the Burford Spur
02 The Equestrian Vortex
03 Beautiful Hair
04 Malleus Maleficarum
05 Mark of the Devil
06 Confession Modulation
07 Monica’s Fall
08 Teresa’s Song (Sorrow)
09 The North Downs Dimension
10 Collatina is Coming
11 Such Tender Things
12 Teresa, Lark of Ascension
13 Monica’s Burial (Under the Junipers)
14 Found Scalded, Found Drowned
15 Monica (Her Parents Have Been Informed)
16 The Fifth Claw
17 Saducismus Triumphatus
18 The Gallops
19 They’re Here, They’re Under Us
20 Collatina, Mark of Damnation
21 Treatise
22 A Goblin
23 The Equestrian Library
24 The Serpent’s Semen
25 Burnt at the Stake
26 All Chiffchaffs
27 The Curfew After the Massacre
28 Poultry In Mind
29 The Sacred marriage
30 Valeria’s Burial (Under the Fort)
31 Edda’s Burial (Under the Clumps)
32 The Game’s Up
33 It Must’ve Been the Magpies
34 The Dormitory Window
35 Anima di Cristo
36 His World is My Shed
37 Collatina’s Folly
38 Here Comes the Sabbath, There Goes the Cross
39 Our Darkest Sabbath

Watch the film trailer

Film stills

03 November 2012

'Corpus Octo 2' Collaborative Mix Project

8 obsessive record collectors, musicians, producers and mix creators found a common sound and built a small community around it in Mixcloud. Corpus Octo is an International Collaborative Mix Project born from this community that has winged it's way digitally between each contributor. For our second project we have delved into the darker regions of our collections, digging up cult British Horror Soundtracks, Heavy Giallo Grooves and Rare TV Incidental Music to create a unique soundtrack for a film that exists only in our minds and the ether. 

Corpus Octo 2 has been made for you by- 

Jonny Redman 
September 70 
Nick Faber 
DJ Alfonso 
DJ Fraser 
Douglas Craters 
DJ George Ben Sun {AM} 
Extra Unseen 

To download the mix, please click here!

Promotional trailer:

Artwork and packaging by Bodie Cameron

Front Cover

Credits (incomplete draft)

Limited DVD packaging

13 September 2012

'O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia' (Il Casanova OST) by Nino Rota

This is one of my favorite cues by Nino Rota (for Fellini's 'Il Casanova' - 1976). I am so fond of this track actually, that I included it on my Tutti I Colori Del Fumo podcast for Finders Keepers (it's the last track)!

15 July 2012

'Berberian Sound Studio' Trailer

Behold a fantastic looking film about a documentary sound engineer who finds himself employed by a notorious low-budget Italian horror studio, in an homage to 70's Italian Giallos. AND a soundtrack by Broadcast to boot!

UK release date: 31 August 2012
US release date: ??

10 July 2012

A Return Visit to the HERU AVENGER Archives!

This past Monday, fellow RENDEZVOUS! resident AM (a.k.a. George Ben Sun) and I made a return visit to record collector extraordinaire (and good friend) John Basil's (a.k.a. Heru Avenger) home. We spent our time there flipping through his enormous record collection**, listening to tunes, going "ooh and aah" over his insane VHS and literature collections, and even making some trades! Check out these snapshots from our visit...
(**NOTE: ALL records in his collection are original pressings!)

06 July 2012

A Peek Inside Trunk Records

A very cool video, presented by the Big Chill Bar, that takes viewers into the 'nerve center' of Trunk Records. Hosted by the man himself, Jonny Trunk.

13 June 2012

The Kramford Look on BBC Radio Kent!

 The Kramford Look present a 30 minute mix of chilled out instrumental influences entitled 'Inner Portrait Gallery' on Sean Rowley's BBC radio show. Their mix starts at 1 hour, 13 minutes and it's quite stellar, if I don't say so myself. Listen here!

Also, look out for a new release from The Kramford Look coming very soon on Wonderfulsound. And if for some reason you still haven't picked up their first LP '1970' (check out that review up top), it's available to buy here!

01 June 2012

Serge Gainsbourg - "Histoire de Melody Nelson" Documentary Trailer.

This box set was one of the best purchases I made in 2011! The 2CD & DVD version (which includes this documentary) is still available through Dusty Groove.

08 May 2012

Orgasmo Sonore's Reinterpretation of 'Les Lèvres Rouges' (aka 'Daughters of Darkness') by François de Roubaix

May I present yet another brilliant reinterpretation by Orgasmo Sonore. This time, monsieur Rideau reinterprets 'Les Lèvres Rouges' by François de Roubaix! Check out this clip featuring Orgasmo Sonore's stellar rendition, accompanied by beautiful scenes from the film.

24 April 2012

Guest DJ Set at 'Dr. Who' This Thursday (26 April)!!

This Thursday, I have the distinct honor of guest DJing at 'Dr. Who' alongside one of my musical heroines (& pal) Mahssa (of Finders Keepers/B-Music)!! Hosted by the lovely Dina J and über talented Boss Harmz, 'Dr. Who' is one of L.A.'s premier parties that specializes the kind of weird music we all love! Big THANKS to Dina for the invite! All going down this Thursday at:

The Virgil (formerly 'Little Temple')
4519 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles 90029

12 January 2012

"Voodoo Ju Ju" Promo by Janko Nilovic

Well as if you couldn't guess by now, I have an obsession with Janko Nilovic's "Voodoo Ju Ju" releases and it is getting quite out of hand. The latest acquisition in my collection is this white label promo 45 that was sent out to club DJs in France by the Barclay record label in 1969. It's a spoken word piece (with cool hand drum accompaniment) and its purpose was to introduce the releases to said DJs. Scroll down to the comments section of this post and you'll see that monsieur Pierre Duplan of The Kramford Look very kindly translated the entire text of the audio! Cheers Pierre!