29 January 2021

Severin Films Podcast, episode 7

From the Severin Films Podcast page: 

"Looks like the diabolical degenerates from Severin Films have unearthed some classics from the dungeon of Andy Milligan! 

If you are a Milligan fan or this is your first time hearing that name, this is the perfect companion piece to get you up to speed as your three hosts as they break down this massive 15 film set spread out over NINE DISCS! Also included is an exclusive interview with author of ANDY MILLIGAN'S VENOM Stephen Thrower and a brand new segment from DJ Alfonso in RENDEVOUS AFTER HOURS."

11 January 2021

Soundtrack Soul, episode 14: Masters of Italian Horror

Massive thanks to Jason over at jasoncharles.net for inviting me to contribute a DJ mix for his podcast network. I was asked to come up with a theme for it, so naturally I went with...Masters of Italian Horror. Many, but definitely not all, of the great maestros are featured here. I hope you enjoy.

1.  Four Flies on Grey Velvet - Ennio Morricone 
2.  Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (seq. 4) - Nora Orlandi 
3.  Roller - Goblin 
4. Blind Murder - Luciano Michelini 
5.  Devil Dance - Stelvio Cipriani 
6.  Sabba - Bruno Nicolai 
7.  Fuga dal cimitero - Luciano Onetti 
8.  Rosso sangue - Carlo Maria Cordio 
9.  Telecinesi - Giorgio Sorgini 
10. Irrealta di suoni - Fabio Frizzi 
11. La morte accarezza a mezzanotte - Gianni Ferio (performed by Calibro 35)
12. Stridulum theme - Franco Micalizzi 
13. Universita - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis 
14. Devil’s Nightmare - Alessandro Alessandroni

08 January 2021

The Music Cabinet, episode 28

Hello friends! It’s been a couple months since I last recorded an episode of the Music Cabinet, but I’m back with my first show of 2021! In this episode, you'll hear the latest 45 from our friend Markey Funk over at Delights 45 RPM, a new compilation of rare and unreleased tracks by the late Maestro Ennio Morricone, the latest from UK-based label Library of the Occult, an amazing new release from Finders Keepers Records, and more. For a complete tracklist, listen to the episode as I talk about each and every selection. Huge shoutout to Two Headed Dog for hosting this here podcast. Happy listening!

07 January 2021

Severin Films Podcast, episode 6

From the Severin Films Podcast page:

"This month the audacious agents at Severin UNLEASH this April's wild line-up with three animal attack films! Brand new elements and scans of the William Girdler films GRIZZLY and DAY OF THE ANIMALS, as well as Joe D'Amato's DEEP BLOOD making its Blu-ray debut! Also included in the Severin release schedule is Alejandro Jodorowsky's masterpiece, SANTA SANGRE making its 4K UHD debut. The folks go into all these titles and more on this episode. Make sure to stay up late for another episode of Rendezvous After Hours with DJ Alfonso!"

05 January 2021

Ô Sidarta (1974)


Alain Pierre's score to Michel Jakar's Ô Sidarta is out now on Finders Keepers Records, and available at twoheadeddog.com. This release comes highly recommended - amazing music and sound design, and a killer set of liner notes, as usual, by Finders Keepers' Andy Votel. I've also included the film itself that I found on YouTube. Stellar intergalactic work beaming direct from France and Belgium.