30 September 2011

NEW Jean-Claude Vannier Now On Sale on Finders Keepers Website!

Great news everyone! If you follow this blog, then you are well aware of the magnificent work of Jean-Claude Vannier. The fine folks over at Finders Keepers Records have graciously released TWO of Msr. Vannier's work. One ('Electro Rapide') is a collection of unreleased material from his personal archives, and the other ('Roses Red Rouge') is a new studio album! Order direct from FK here!

25 September 2011

Currently on the Home Hi-Fi...

New 'Orgasmo Sonore - Volume 1' LP! Incredible reinterpretations of classic film cues by Morricone, Cipriani, Goblin, et al, by Frank Rideau's Orgasmo Sonore project. Pressed on limited colored vinyl. Visit the Orgasmo Sonore page on Facebook for ordering information, or drop me a line.

20 September 2011

Currently on the Home Hi-Fi...

Francois De Roubaix: Courts Metrages

Shipton at RENDEZVOUS!

Some random snapshots taken by a rather intoxicated photographer (??).

Featured on the forthcoming 'Bollywood Bloodbath' compilation on Finders Keepers Records!

05 September 2011

B-Music/Finders Keepers Night with Doug Shipton & DJ Mahssa!!

Join us on Wednesday, September 7th for the return of B-Music/Finders Keepers to RENDEZVOUS! This go 'round we are honored to host Doug Shipton & DJ Mahssa!! We can't wait to hear what unfashionable sounds this Dedicated Swallower of Fashion will be spinning. Also, look for giallo & sleazy freak films to compliment the tunes on the big screens!

PLUS late night eats from a delectable food truck!

Resident DJ's:
Alfonso (RENDEZVOUS!, DJAlfonso.com, LA)
AM Sounds (RENDEZVOUS!, ESL Music, LA)
Adrian Younge (RENDEZVOUS!, Wax Poetics Records, Bridges, LA)