20 May 2013

Now Available - 'On the Phone with...' LP by Graham Mushnik

Ladies and gents, may I present a couple of reviews, links, and a killer little sampler (by our dear pal Roma Khleb) of the new Graham Mushnik LP, 'On the Phone with...'! Read on, listen, and enjoy!


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Graham Mushnik’s latest effort, 'On the Phone with…' (of which I had a little collaboration) is now available! This is a nice and light instrumental release with early 70’s sounds utilizing an orchestra of interesting instruments (from electroorgan and vintage synthesizers, to Brazilian percussion and Iranian dulcimer). Hard to pinpoint, it sometimes sounds like instrumental hip-hop, Italian soundtracks, and a weaves through a wide variety of genres. That being said, this album is cosmic and funky! It is a great dosage of dancing rhythms and old familiar sounds. But enough talk…have a listen to the sampler!

-Roma Khleb

OK, so I’ve must’ve listen to this album at least a dozen times. While at first for the purpose of writing this review, the subsequent listens have been purely for enjoyment…this album is that good! The opening track,Woodworm Twist, is a mod, horn-infused, Hammond organ groover, which would not be out of place in any late 60’s spy TV show. It continues on with a breezy jazzy number, which sounds like a soundtrack for an illegal late night rendezvous. There are styles aplenty on this record, yet Mr. Mushnik’s ties it all together very well with his catchy organ playing and impeccable musicianship. From his take on Afro-beat (Highway to Cape Coast) and spacey Silk Road sounds (Valse Au Santour), to an exquisite hip-hop beat, sample-infused number (Drunken Spy…a collaboration with our pal Roma Khleb, I might add!) this record is a sonic journey through the cosmic ether. Given that most of you who read or follow this blog enjoy this sort of thing, I reckon this record will no doubt be on your turntable for some time.

 -DJ Alfonso

Buy/Stream album here:

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