20 May 2013

Now Available - 'On the Phone with...' LP by Graham Mushnik

Ladies and gents, may I present a couple of reviews, links, and a killer little sampler (by our dear pal Roma Khleb) of the new Graham Mushnik LP, 'On the Phone with...'! Read on, listen, and enjoy!


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Graham Mushnik’s latest effort, 'On the Phone with…' (of which I had a little collaboration) is now available! This is a nice and light instrumental release with early 70’s sounds utilizing an orchestra of interesting instruments (from electroorgan and vintage synthesizers, to Brazilian percussion and Iranian dulcimer). Hard to pinpoint, it sometimes sounds like instrumental hip-hop, Italian soundtracks, and a weaves through a wide variety of genres. That being said, this album is cosmic and funky! It is a great dosage of dancing rhythms and old familiar sounds. But enough talk…have a listen to the sampler!

-Roma Khleb

OK, so I’ve must’ve listen to this album at least a dozen times. While at first for the purpose of writing this review, the subsequent listens have been purely for enjoyment…this album is that good! The opening track,Woodworm Twist, is a mod, horn-infused, Hammond organ groover, which would not be out of place in any late 60’s spy TV show. It continues on with a breezy jazzy number, which sounds like a soundtrack for an illegal late night rendezvous. There are styles aplenty on this record, yet Mr. Mushnik’s ties it all together very well with his catchy organ playing and impeccable musicianship. From his take on Afro-beat (Highway to Cape Coast) and spacey Silk Road sounds (Valse Au Santour), to an exquisite hip-hop beat, sample-infused number (Drunken Spy…a collaboration with our pal Roma Khleb, I might add!) this record is a sonic journey through the cosmic ether. Given that most of you who read or follow this blog enjoy this sort of thing, I reckon this record will no doubt be on your turntable for some time.

 -DJ Alfonso

Buy/Stream album here:

Have you read Roma's interview with Mr. Mushnik? If not, click here!

15 May 2013

Death Waltz Recording Co. Live DJ Set at RENDEZVOUS!

Transfered direct from cassette tape, here is a 48 minute DJ set by Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Recording Company (UK), recorded live at RENDEZVOUS! on 10 May 2013. What makes this set unique is Mr. Hickman arrived in Los Angeles only a few days prior with absolutely no records. This mix is composed of selections he purchased in the few short days leading up to our event. All vinyl, naturally.

08 May 2013

RENDEZVOUS! with Dr. Who & Death Waltz Recordings (May 10)

Join us for our third session at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake on Friday, May 10th as we welcome Dr. Who DJ's Dina Juntila and Carey Yost! Dr. Who is, in our opinion, an LA staple specializing in obscure and psychedelic 60s & 70s soundtracks, fuzz, funk, and other sonic weirdness...just the kind of stuff we love! True vinyl hounds, we cannot wait to hear what gems they will no doubt bring along. We will also be screening Sergio Martino's 'All the Colors of the Dark' and Dario Argento's 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage' on the huge projection screen!


Direct from the UK, Spencer Hickman from Death Waltz Recording Company will be joining us as well!

About Death Waltz Recording Company:

Founded by Spencer Hickman manager of Rough Trade East in London Death Waltz Recording Company concentrates on delivering high end collectors vinyl that includes extensive liner notes from composers and directors as well as brand new and exclusive artwork from a variety of fine artists. All releases are on limited coloured vinyl and contain bonus screen prints and posters.

Death Waltz Recording Company are set to become the premier vinyl soundtrack label for cult film enthusiasts!


$5 Beers. Free entry.

Special guests DJ's:
Dina Juntila (Dr. Who, LA)
Carey Yost (Dr. Who, LA)
Spencer Hickman (Death Waltz Recording Co., UK)

and resident's:
George Ben Sun
Adrian Younge

1941 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027