15 January 2013

Mix Archive Re-Ups!

RE-UP Mix 1 (A.K.A. March Mix 2011) Tracklist:

1. Hum Hum – Doubts and Convictions – Troublemakers – Guidance
2. Besame Mas – The Exotic Sounds of Love – 101 Strings – A/S Records
3. Venice and Love – The Anonymous Venetian OST – Stelvio Cipriani – United Artists
4. Amofen – Overground – Sandro Brugnolini – Cinedelic/S.E.M.
5. Pussy Cola – Deep Throat OST – Unknown Artist – D.T. Music Productions
6. Le Grand Marc – Apres Ski OST – Illustration – Les Disques Pluton
7. Tears In Brazil – Camille 2000 OST – Piero Piccioni – Easy Tempo
8. Centrales Thermiques – Courts Metrages – Francois De Roubaix – Weme Records
9. Corallo Nero – Pericolo Negli Abissi OST – Stefano Liberati – CAM Italy
10. Psychovision – An Italian Story – Daniele Luppi – Rhino
11. Karma Sitar – The Exotic Sounds of Love – 101 Strings – A/S Records
12. Capricorno – Amadeo Tomassi
13. Incidental Blackcloth No. 3 – KPM 1035: Underscore – Keith Mansfield – KPM
14. Vespucci – Fourth Dimension – BBC Radiophonic Workshop – BBC
15. Sex Radio Suite – Sex Shop OST – Serge Gainsbourg – Fontana
16. Nadine – Il Serpente OST – Ennio Morricone – General Music
17. Xylo Spleen – Eddie Warner
18. Bass In Love – Guy Pedersen – Tele Music
19. Suite One (Main Theme) – Sitting Target OST – Stanley Myers – Finders Keepers

As many of you fellow music fans (and DJ's) may have noticed, SoundCloud has been becoming increasingly difficult for DJ's to work with. They have really stepped up their copyright policing and as a result, made it quite tricky for DJ's to work with. While I can totally understand their position from a business perspective, I have nevertheless decided to start uploading both my archived AND future DJ mix files onto Mixcloud. I think SoundCloud is great for music artists and labels to share and promote their original work, but Mixcloud is geared more for the purpose of DJ mixes (I guess that's why it's called MIXcloud). And just for clarification, I will NOT be closing my SoundCloud account, rather just re-uploading some files that I had to remove from there for some reason or another (mainly because I have run out of storage space :)).

Thanks for reading. And now on to the music!

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