27 July 2012

5 bambole per la luna d'agosto - Complete Film!

Iconic 1970 Italian thriller directed by Mario Bava with score by Piero Umiliani. How's your Italian?

15 July 2012

'Berberian Sound Studio' Trailer

Behold a fantastic looking film about a documentary sound engineer who finds himself employed by a notorious low-budget Italian horror studio, in an homage to 70's Italian Giallos. AND a soundtrack by Broadcast to boot!

UK release date: 31 August 2012
US release date: ??

11 July 2012

Summer 2012 Mix

Here it is...FINALLY! My 'Summer 2012 Mix' features a few KPM Library classics, mondo, giallo, poliziotteschi, and porno soundtracks, and a few NEWER productions. Includes music by Mansfield, Cipriani, Gray, Ortolani, Il Maestro Morricone, and many more! Cheers and thanks for listening!

10 July 2012

A Return Visit to the HERU AVENGER Archives!

This past Monday, fellow RENDEZVOUS! resident AM (a.k.a. George Ben Sun) and I made a return visit to record collector extraordinaire (and good friend) John Basil's (a.k.a. Heru Avenger) home. We spent our time there flipping through his enormous record collection**, listening to tunes, going "ooh and aah" over his insane VHS and literature collections, and even making some trades! Check out these snapshots from our visit...
(**NOTE: ALL records in his collection are original pressings!)

06 July 2012

A Peek Inside Trunk Records

A very cool video, presented by the Big Chill Bar, that takes viewers into the 'nerve center' of Trunk Records. Hosted by the man himself, Jonny Trunk.

03 July 2012

New Shawn Lee Album - 'Synthesizers in Space'

ESL Music presents Shawn Lee’s Synthesizers in Space – Out July 24, 2012

Synthesizers in Space began at a music store called Switched On in Austin, TX and the discovery of a vintage “mystery-box” instrument hidden amongst the old synths and organs that created sounds and textures unlike anything currently in his sonic arsenal. The result was a focused attack in the studio, creating a set of 11 new tracks based around the “mystery box”, and a range of psychedelic grooves. Synthesizers in Space is a diverse, densely layered collection from a musician known for his ability to blend sunny melodies, smoky grooves and propulsive rhythms into his own inimitable sound.

Shawn’s most recent band collaboration, AM & Shawn Lee, released their debut album, Celestial Electric, to great album and show reviews worldwide on Eighteenth Street Lounge Music and are touring extensively around the world. Upcoming tour dates will feature music from both Celestial Electric as well as this new album.

Tour Dates with AM:
Aug 22 @ Café Du Nord- San Francisco, CA
Aug 24 @ The Satellite – Los Angeles, CA
Aug 28 @ Great Scott – Boston, MA
Aug 29 @ New York State Fair - Syracuse, New York
Aug 30 @ Montserrat House - Washington DC
Aug 31 @ Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
Sept 2 @ Bumbershoot Festival - Seattle, Washington