21 March 2012

13 March 2012

NEW Tumblr Page!

So I decided to create a Tumblr page primarily for hosting my Instagram snapshots online, as well as reblogging pics and assorted odd bits. I named it 'Out Sound' simply because I thought it had a nice ring to it (and also as a nod to early electronic music à la Jean-Jacques Perrey, Gershon Kingsley, et al.). Feel free to have a look!

09 March 2012

"Corpus Octo" - International Collaborative Mix Project

Super thrilled and honored to be asked to collaborate with this stellar group of people I respect so much. It was a lot of fun watching this mix develop as it digitally traveled around the world. HUGE thank you to my brothers in music Paul and Mark! Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and download links below.

Corpus Octo is an International Collaborative Mix Project. 8 obsessive record collectors, musicians and mix creators found a common sound and built a small community around it in Mixcloud. The mix winged it's way digitally between 8 cities around the globe and has been added to by each along the way, a musical equivalent of an exquisite corpse. The contributors in order are-

1. DJ Alfonso (Los Angeles)
2.. Anatoly Ice (Moscow)
3. September 70 (Brisbane)
4. Fraserfunk (Manchester)
5. Ebokai (Amsterdam)
6. Dunwich Radio (Malmo)
7. Hackney Marshman (London)
8. Vinyl Miners (Sao Paulo and Cardiff)


1. Dialogue from the film “Tragic Ceremony” (Italy, 1972)
2. The Kramford Look - Magic Plastic Home (Extended Edit)
3. Rimond Pauls - Night Birds
4. Nico Fidenco - Come Back! Rhythm
5. Riz Ortolani - Shake In The Disco
6. Mandingo - Black Fire
7. Marc Moulin's Placebo 7 - Balek
8. Hansson & Karlsson - 'Triplets'
9. Peter Reno - Silver Thrust
10. F.C. Judd - Maniac Laughter
11. H.Tical - Microchaos
12. Piero Montanari - Frog In Love
13. Gilberto Gil - Volks, Volkswagen Blue
14. Gilberto Gil - Objeto Semi- Identificado (Edit)
15. Signs Of The Zodiac (Mort Garson) – “Numbers, Gems And Colors” (Edit)

For more info, artwork, and to see where the mix goes next please
do visit us here.