12 January 2012

"Voodoo Ju Ju" Promo by Janko Nilovic

Well as if you couldn't guess by now, I have an obsession with Janko Nilovic's "Voodoo Ju Ju" releases and it is getting quite out of hand. The latest acquisition in my collection is this white label promo 45 that was sent out to club DJs in France by the Barclay record label in 1969. It's a spoken word piece (with cool hand drum accompaniment) and its purpose was to introduce the releases to said DJs. Scroll down to the comments section of this post and you'll see that monsieur Pierre Duplan of The Kramford Look very kindly translated the entire text of the audio! Cheers Pierre!


  1. Found minutes in my extremely busy saturday to translate this politically incorrect recording from 1969 which uses repetition of words to try to put you a trance and start a new trend :
    "Bizarre, isn't it? Open a parcel, get a record out of it, a one sided recording, no music, only words. You just received this record after several letters where we were telling you that for you, for your summer nights of 1969, Barclay decided to look the world over for a new sound and color, an unknown rhythm. Then slowly, letter after letter, we revealed the mystery. Today it is time to explain. This music coming from the end of the world has a name : The voodoo. Of course, straight away you see black people dancing under the moon, sweating til dawn.Maybe cock fights also and again dancing... Because the voodoo is firstly dancing. But it is also the extraordinary Juju that we, occidentals barely understand and fear. The Juju is magic. Witchcraft, rituals, posessions, eroticism. Fabulous eroticism which possesses us and leaves us out of control until dawn deeply tired. Rhythm. Transpiration. Yes, this summer 1969 will be the voodoo and Juju summer. Because of this, at Barclay we decided to tell you before letting the television and radio channels know of this amazing happening. You, one of the 700 club djs will be the first to discover the magic of the Juju. Tomorrow, you will be the first to receive the first ever Juju record. To finish, I'll tell you that your 1969 summer nights will the hottest and maddest nights you'll ever know because, believe me, the Juju is fantastic!"