25 April 2011

RENDEZVOUS! (Wednesday, May 4th)

Join us this Wednesday, May 4th as RENDEZVOUS! returns for its next monthly session at Verdugo Bar. For this next session we are excited to welcome back our very dear friend Wiseacre! It is always a treat to hear this fine man's musical selections and we cannot wait to see (and hear) what he has in store for the evening. It should also be noted that it his birthday as well! And if THAT were not enough, RENDEZVOUS! is pleased to announce our newest resident AM!! We will be playing an extensive gamut of 60's & 70's soundtracks, library, psychedelia, funk, soul, and groovy sounds from Italian & French lost archives. Two classic giallo & poliziotteschi films will be screened!

Resident DJ's:

Alfonso (RENDEZVOUS!, DJAlfonso.com, LA)
Adrian Younge (RENDEZVOUS!, Wax Poetics Records, Bridges, LA)
AM (RENDEZVOUS!, amsounds.com, LA)
Phers-1 (RENDEZVOUS!, Bridges, DP Sound, LA)

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