25 March 2010

Who is C.V.S.?

C.V.S. are the initials for sound guru and scientific mind Count Nicolas Bourbaki Von Smokratz. I had the distinct pleasure of making the acquaintance of Herr Smokratz at a social function recently, and after a much-heated discussion on sound theory, he agreed to master my latest mix CD. And for those of you self-confessed music trivia nerds, yes, this is the same Smokratz of Syd Barrett fame (you know...the 1969 four-track recording)! Aside from his musical endeavors, C.V.S. is also a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Nation of Poldevia. I'm currently trying to convince Herr Smokratz of adding "DJ" to his curriculum vitae, so who knows? Maybe a guest DJ set at RENDEZVOUS!? I'll keep you posted!

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