01 February 2010

From the archives..."The Voodou Ju Ju Drug" - Part 1 by R. Pultek

This week's offering is a French, afro-styled freakbeat number with hard & heavy drumming and prerequisite screaming & moaning. The rumor out there is that the composer, R. Pultek, is actually a pseudonym for sound library maestro Janko Nilovic. Anybody out there know for sure? Apparently, there was a series of "Voodoo Ju Ju" 45's released and most of them are credited to Nilovic & Davy Jones (including one under the name K. PYTHACUNTHAPUSERECTUS - I'll post this one in the coming weeks). Click the play button and listen for yourself (or download it, if you're really nuts!). Next week it's side 2! (Download link in the comments)

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  1. http://soundcloud.com/djalfonso/the-voodoo-ju-ju-drug-part-1