28 February 2017

Chi sei? OST Available NOW!

Hey friends, be sure to grab a copy of Franco Micalizzi's amazing score to the 1974 possession shocker (and Exorcist/Rosemary's Baby rip-off) 'Chi sei?'! Thank you to my friends at Four Flies Records for asking me to write the liner notes for this one...it was a true honor. It's available NOW through our friends at Two Headed Dog Music!


A hijacked INTERVISION bumper kindly recreated for us by Johny Bekavac!

NEW >>> RENDEZVOUS Video Bumper!!

Randezvous Pictures from Johny Bekavac on Vimeo.

Angel Dust Dealers Presents 'Weird-Ass Cult B-Movies Mixtape'

Description: We are excited to present Weird-Ass Cult B-Movies Mixtape by Angel Dust Dealers (https://soundcloud.com/angeldustdealers) — a unique mix of excerpts from exciting scores (mostly unreleased) for cult B-movies from the 80’s, transferred directly from VHS tapes with deliciously lo-fi quality sound. The full tracklist below complete with cue-times will help you to jump to your favorite track immediately, although the thorough listening experience is highly recommended for maximum mind-submerging effect. Erase & Rewind!

[00:00 — 00:14] Bob Mithoff — Troma Logo Leader
[00:12 — 00:30] Nicholas Pike — A Nightmare On Elm Street The Series (1989)
[00:28 — 03:00] Jon McCallum — Terror Eyes (1989)
[02:40 — 06:05] John Ross — Hide And Go Shriek (1987)
[06:00 — 06:37] Ted Shapiro — Toxic Zombies aka Bloodeaters (1980)
[06:06 — 06:37] Opening Narration From 'The Toxic Avenger' (1984)
[06:38 — 08:33] Simon Boswell — Delirium: Photo Of Gioia (1987)
[08:26 — 11:27] Marc David Becker — Psycho Cop Returns (1992)
[11:11 — 13:50] Paul Zaza — The Dark (1988)
[13:44 — 15:55] Michael Silversher & Janice Hubbard — Dangerous Seductress (1992)
[15:50 — 17:18] Bob Summers — One Dark Night (1983)
[17:17 — 19:09] Marc Fredrick — Demon Queen (1986)
[18:50 — 20:35] Al Festa — After Death (1988)
[20:30 — 21:40] Fruer — Underworld (1987)
[21:33 — 23:33] Vince Tempera — The House Of Clocks (1989)
[23:28 — 24:04] David George & Barrie Guard — The Howling IV (1988)
[23:55 — 25:20] Adriano Maria Vitali — Evil Clutch (1988)
[25:11 — 27:00] Kevin Bassinson — Chains (1989)
[26:55 — 34:48] David Spear — Exterminator II (1984)
[34:40 — 35:44] Claudio Simonetti — The Washing Machine (1992)
[35:40 — 36:55] Carlo Maria Cordio — Endgame (1983)
[36:37 — 38:38] Rick Vartian — Escape From The Insane Asylum (1986)
[38:10 — 38:40] 'Summer Camp Nightmare' Original Trailer (1987)
[38:38 — 40:42] Guido & Maurizio De Angelis — 2019: After The Fall Of New York (1983)
[40:25 — 42:40] Guido & Maurizio De Angelis — The Raiders Of Atlantis (1983)
[42:24 — 43:44] Roger Bellon — The Unholy (1987)
[43:46 — 46:15] Jonathon Newton — Unhinged (1982)
[45:50 — 48:25] Tom Milano & Don Great — Breeders (1986)
[48:22 — 49:30] John Hodian — Girls School Screamers (1984)
[49:20 — 51:40] George Robertson — Intruder (1988)
[51:05 — 54:54] William Kueker — Satanwar (1979)
[54:30 — 56:00] Claudio Simonetti — Hands Of Steel (1986)
[55:55 — 1:00:00] Rod Slane — Revenge (1986)

14 November 2014


Join us TONIGHT for a very special event, as we and our friends at Death Waltz Recording Company present the L.A. record release party for Maestro Ennio Morricone's brilliant score to Lucio Fulci's giallo masterpiece, A Lizard in a Woman's Skin!! Joining us again at the decks will be our good pal and respected record collector, Chris Tillotson! We will also be screening 'A Lizard in a Woman's Skin' in its entirety at 8PM, with music and visuals beginning immediately afterward. And speaking of visuals, we are thrilled to announce the NEWEST member of the RENDEZVOUS family...our new resident film librarian and visual artist, Jim Branscome!! Mr. Branscome has some secret screenings, trailers, and other odd bits up his sleeve that we know you, our faithful friends and patrons, are going to absolutely love! If you went to Beyond Fest this year and enjoyed the highlight reels, then get ready! As per usual, we will have giveaways courtesy of Severin Films and Death Waltz, FREE buttons, AND physical copies of our latest mix, 'Gialloween'!


1941 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

 8PM. $5 Beers. Cash only. FREE entry.

Come early for FREE buttons, mixtapes, etc. (while supplies last)

Special guest DJ:

Chris Tillotson (Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions, LA)

Plus resident's:

Alfonso Carrillo
George Ben Sun
Carlos Rossi
Dina Juntila

*Visuals by Jim Branscome

**Sponsored by Death Waltz Recording Company, Finders Keepers Records, Severin Films, Distribpix Inc., and Mondo Macabro

29 July 2014

RENDEZVOUS! Presents Chris Tillotson (Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions)!

Friends...it's that time again! Join us next Friday, August 8th for another edition of RENDEZVOUS! This month we are excited to welcome world-class record collector Chris Tillotson (http://starvingdaughtersvinylimpressions.blogspot.com/) to the decks at our lovely Hyperion Tavern! Though Mr. Tillotson may not be a household name (yet), if you consider yourself a serious collector of French and Italian soundtrack and/or library records, you more than likely have downloaded some MP3's off his blog. Come nerd out with us as this man will surely be bringing some rare heat to the tables. We will also be continuing with our monthly raffle of a DVD or Blu-ray courtesy of our friends at Severin Films!! Simply buy a beer, drop a raffle ticket into the conveniently placed raffle jar, and you're entered! Just be sure to ask the bartender for a ticket when you order a beer (a ticket will be randomly drawn at approximately midnight and the winner MUST be present. One entry per beer purchased. The more you drink, the greater your chances of winning!). As always, we will be screening THREE giallo and cult erotica films on the huge projection screen, courtesy of Severin Films, Distribpix Inc., and our NEWEST sponsor...Mondo Macabro!! RSVP on facebook here.


$5 Beers. Cash only. FREE entry.
Come early for FREE buttons, mixtapes, etc. (while supplies last)

Special guest DJ:

Chris Tillotson (Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions, LA)

Plus resident's: 

Alfonso Carrillo
George Ben Sun
Carlos Rossi
Dina Juntila
Adrian Younge

**Sponsored by Death Waltz Recording CompanySeverin Films,Distribpix Inc., and Mondo Macabro